The Name of God is Mercy: Pope Francis

The Name of God is Mercy A Conversation with Andrea Tornielli, is a delightful book. It is the contents of a series of interviews of Pope Francis by Andrea Tornielli on Mercy and the Year of Mercy earlier in Pope Francis’ pontificate. Pope Francis tells several stories which place emphasis on the fact that GodContinue reading “The Name of God is Mercy: Pope Francis”


Does Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources?

I once heard someone accuse Francis of only using Post-Vatican II sources in his encyclicals and Exhortations. Is this true? Should we expect someone living 55 years after Vatican II closed to often quote pre-Vatican II works? I did a quick survey of other Popes and how far back quote church documents in their encyclicalsContinue reading “Does Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources?”