The 3 Saint Argument

This is a short argument for thought. 3 Popes who supported Vatican II have now been named saints, Pope Paul VI, John XXIII ad John Paul II. They all made Vatican II a large part of their ministry as Pope. Canonizations cannot be wrong (you can search that for yourself). Thus, holding to a Pro-VaticanContinue reading “The 3 Saint Argument”

Pachamama Story the Other Side

**** Update Oct 4 2020 *** The video of the event ends the debate. No idols present. Watch the video of the event. (Link Here) Go to 13:20 and listen when the woman gives the statue to Francis and says Our Lady of the Amazon. The Statue was Mary no idol worship. The latter VaticanContinue reading “Pachamama Story the Other Side”

Vatican II and Marian Consecration

Here is an excellent link to some of Vatican II’s fruit. (Linked Here) This time on Marian Consecration and the contribution of St. John Paul II. Sharing is Caring! If you know of someone that could use this video please share. Wait for the next post tomorrow (Linked Here) on 33 Days to Morning GloryContinue reading “Vatican II and Marian Consecration”

Pope Francis my Pope Part 2: Martyr Pope of Fatima?

I think that Pope Francis may be the martyr Pope predicted in the Fatima Visions. I agree that Pope John Paul II was also represented in the vision when he was shot but think that there will be multiple fulfillments of martyr Popes. Why Pope Francis? Because he unlike any other Pope in modern timesContinue reading “Pope Francis my Pope Part 2: Martyr Pope of Fatima?”