List of Locations Saints are Referenced in Vatican II: All 16 Documents

List of All locations where Vatican II uses in-text Saint references. (this does not included places where texts are referenced but the saint names are not used in the text but instead included as a footnote/endnote – the footnoted references are in the hundreds) The focus is on Saints in the popular sense. For example,Continue reading “List of Locations Saints are Referenced in Vatican II: All 16 Documents”

The 3 Saint Argument

This is a short argument for thought. 3 Popes who supported Vatican II have now been named saints, Pope Paul VI, John XXIII ad John Paul II. They all made Vatican II a large part of their ministry as Pope. Canonizations cannot be wrong (you can search that for yourself). Thus, holding to a Pro-VaticanContinue reading “The 3 Saint Argument”

The Incorruptibles by Joan Carrol Cruz

How many uncorrupted body of saints do you think exist today? Apparently more than I would have ever thought. Joan Carrol Cruz’s classic book on the uncorrupted body of saints astounded me. In over 100 chapters this book details over 100 saints whose bodies are still or were persevered miraculously from decay for 100’s ofContinue reading “The Incorruptibles by Joan Carrol Cruz”