Donatism and Pope Francis

Is the error of Donatism still alive today? Perhaps un wittingly yes it is. I think Pope Francis is great, but others strongly disagree. It is good to recall though that worthiness of an office does not reduce its sacramental powers or its assistance by God. We can read in the Catechism of the CatholicContinue reading “Donatism and Pope Francis”

St. Monica and The Power of Persistent Prayer

St. Monica and The Power of Persistent Prayer by Mike Aquilina and Mark W. Sullivan is an excellent book. St. Monica has some rough times with St. Augustine. He lived with a concubine and had a child out of what would be considered proper Christian wedlock, he entered into a heretical cult, he even trickedContinue reading “St. Monica and The Power of Persistent Prayer”

Psalm 27: Wait on the Lord – Vatican II in 500 Years!

From St. Augustine Expositions on the Psalms, Ed. by Philip Schaff from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. “‘Wait on the Lord, quit thyself like a man: and let thy heart be strong, yea wait on the Lord,’ But when shall this be? It is arduous for a mortal, it is slow to a lover: but listenContinue reading “Psalm 27: Wait on the Lord – Vatican II in 500 Years!”