List of Locations Saints are Referenced in Vatican II: All 16 Documents

List of All locations where Vatican II uses in-text Saint references. (this does not included places where texts are referenced but the saint names are not used in the text but instead included as a footnote/endnote – the footnoted references are in the hundreds) The focus is on Saints in the popular sense. For example,Continue reading “List of Locations Saints are Referenced in Vatican II: All 16 Documents”

Vatican II and Non-Universal Salvation Quotes

This post like my other Vatican II posts on Mary Quotes, Marriage Quotes, Development/Modern Culture Quotes, List of Where Vatican II says its teaching and Eucharist Quotes lists places, the large majority but not exhaustive where Vatican II speaks of salvation as being non-universal. It is often claimed that Vatican II brought about a sortContinue reading “Vatican II and Non-Universal Salvation Quotes”

The Pope, Even if Solomon, Could not Please all his Dissenters

I was reading an older book written during the first years of Pope Saint John XIII’s pontificate. The writer was commenting on how hard it will be for the new Pope to reconcile all the world’s many problems including the Soviets and a spread of communism to many countries around the world tied to aContinue reading “The Pope, Even if Solomon, Could not Please all his Dissenters”

Vatican II Marriage Quotes

Marriage Quotes from Vatican II from the 16 major documents. Vatican Website Translation. This list contains the majority but not every reference. Due to the large variation of words used for marriage or its context, (marriage, matrimony, wedlock, married, marry, engaged, betrothed, spouse, husband, wife, family, love, children, covenant, union, mother, father, domestic church, etc.)Continue reading “Vatican II Marriage Quotes”

Vatican II and Culture and Modern Times Quotes

This is a list using the Vatican Website translation of all the occurrences of Culture or Modern Times/Epoch and similar words are used in the 16 major documents of Vatican II. The list is the majority but not exhaustive. The focus was on Modern Times, references to ancient times are not always included. Lumen GentiumContinue reading “Vatican II and Culture and Modern Times Quotes”

Vatican II Mary Quotes

This is a collection of all the times Mary is mentioned in Vatican II’s main 16 documents. Using the Vatican Website Translation. Although the list is not exhaustive, it does contain the majority. Mary is often one of those topics that if you get right, the rest of the Catholic Church’s dogma flow into place,Continue reading “Vatican II Mary Quotes”