Does Pope Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources

In a video by Timothy Gordon entitled “5 Catholics Debate the Motu and SSPX” about Pope Francis’ recent move on Traditional Latin Masses, apart from a few speakers wrongful attribution of the word wicked to Pope Francis, (not M. Lofton) Eric Sammons had a rather weak criticism against Francis. Eric makes the claim that FrancisContinue reading “Does Pope Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources”

On the fundamental importance of the Bible — Where Peter Is

The sixth and final chapter of Dei Verbum is about how the Bible is actually used and its fundamental importance in the Church. The chapter begins by saying that listening to the Bible at Mass stands on par with receiving… 15 more words On the fundamental importance of the Bible — Where Peter Is

Obey the Pope Website

Another excellent Pro-Pope website to lighten up your day. With so much negativity it is easy to lose hope. Let this website give you some hope. Has the Pope ever taught heresy? Pope Liberius and Saint Athanasius, Death Penalty and Pope Francis, why Obey the Pope? and details of Amoris Laetitia. These are someContinue reading “Obey the Pope Website”

Where Peter Is Website

Here is a realy great website publishing in depth articles on topics devoted to Pope Francis defending this great man. From the about page “The authors at this site have decided to take up their challenge (those who are critiquing Pope Francis), both by providing links to resources from other sites and by providingContinue reading “Where Peter Is Website”

A Defense of Lumen Gentium

We have recently, finished our defense of Lumen Gentium. Taking anti-Vatican II Lumen Gentium arguments (listed under the Principle Vatican II Heresies) from we have gone point by point to refute the website. They have 5 points against Lumen Gentium. We give 5 responses. You may find our Pro-Vatican II defense here .Continue reading “A Defense of Lumen Gentium”

The Real Presence (Website)

A great place to find a Eucharistic Defence of Vatican II. (check out the Vatican II section for conciliar text quotes on the subject and links to great pro Vatican II articles) I have not had a chance to go over the entire website’s content (which is a lot of material and resourcesContinue reading “The Real Presence (Website)”

Institute of Catholic Culture

Another Great Catholic Resource! What is the Institute of Catholic Culture? From the website mission statement. “The Institute of Catholic Culture is an adult catechetical organization, faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and dedicated to the Church’s call for a new evangelization. The Institute seeks to fulfill its mission by offering educationalContinue reading “Institute of Catholic Culture”

Bishop Sheen Today

This website is a great find! It has a load of links to free Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen material and books. Radio shows, videos, books and more! I have meet Allan Smith the founder personally, and can attest to the power of his influence to spread Bishop Sheen. Let’s pray for Sheen’s canonization. IfContinue reading “Bishop Sheen Today”

Air Maria

Review: of the best website resources for online homilies and conferences especially Marian themes. It is run by the Franciscan Frias of the Immaculate. Positive Attributes1. Excellent coverage of Marian Topics2. Vast amounts of archived material3. Short homilies as well as longer retreats and conferences4. Videos by several active and popular theologians5. Diverse themes forContinue reading “Air Maria”