Defending Vatican II

Fight as a Man. Never Hurt a Man Chosen by God and Have Mercy.

Memorable moment in my life– I once listened to a priest give a talk on Blessed John Duns Scotus’ view on the absolute primacy of Christ in contrast to St. Thomas Aquinas’ view for the reason for the incarnation. He started out saying that although he disagreed with St. Thomas this is not about bashing a reputation or his followers but an honest debate. Similarly, this website has respect for the Catholics who disagree with its contents. We are not here to hurt feelings or for ridicule, but for an honest construction of the truth which we hope can best serve both sides of the debate.

This website holds that Vatican II is the weapon of the Holy Spirit to renew the world before the second coming. That is why we write in defence of Vatican II and seek to calm the conscience of those who have been hesitant to accept it or who have been persuaded against it.

1.0 Saints of Vatican II

2.0 Nostra Aetate (NA)

2.1 Buddhism

2.2 Hinduism

3.0 Pope Paul VI’s Promulgation

4.0 Links and Resources

5.0 Communion on the Hand

6.0 The Liturgy

6.1 Vatican II Honored Latin and Gregorian Chant

6.2 The Revised Mass

6.2.1 For many VS. for all

This change in the Mass due to Vatican II reforms is not as untraditional as some have claimed. Nor does it mean that no one ends up in Hell. Check out the following article (excerpt from a book) from Cardinal Ratzinger himself.

6.2.2 Changing the Direction of the Altar

This just cannot be found in Vatican II documents. If you think that the direction facing the people is wrong you cannot blame Vatican II for that.

7.0 Lumen Gentium (LG)

8.0 Unitatis Redintegratio (UR)

9.0 Orientalium Ecclesiarum (OE)

10.0 Dignitatis Humanae (DH)

11.0 Ad Gentes Divinitus (AGD)

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