Defending Vatican II

Fight as a Man. Never Hurt a Man Chosen by God and Have Mercy.

Think about David and Saul. Then please read. What is the meaning of the photo? Why do you think the purpose of refuting Vatican II errors is?

1.0 Saints of Vatican II

2.0 Fruits of Vatican II and Historical Trends

3.0 Pope Paul VI’s Promulgation

4.0 Links and Resources

5.0 Communion on the Hand

6.0 The Liturgy

7.0 Nostra Aetate (NA)

8.0 Lumen Gentium (LG)

9.0 Unitatis Redintegratio (UR)

10.0 Orientalium Ecclesiarum (OE)

11.0 Dignitatis Humanae (DH)

12.0 Gaudium et Spes (GS)

13.0 Dei Verbum (DV)

14.0 Ad Gentes Divinitus (AGD)

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